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Each bar contains 18g of a high-quality protein isolate blend, natural peanut butter, and USDA Grade A Honey.

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Not all protein isolates are the same. Our protein isolate typically contains about 90-95% protein, making it excellent for muscle development. It undergoes processing to remove fat and lactose, ensuring a purer protein source. This type of protein is rapidly absorbed by the body, aiding in recovery after exercise. Its low lactose content also makes it a suitable option for those who are lactose intolerant.

The first ingredient in each ProGo bar is peanut butter. We recommend you keep your water bottle close.

We had to make them sweet. ProGo bars are sweetened with USDA Grade A Honey. 8 grams of naturally derived sugar won't kill you. Enjoy life and stop counting every macro.

We like our bars soft. Sometimes they crumble. They're still delicious.

We didn't cut corners. Our ingredients were more expensive, but the results speak for themselves.