Our story


"After struggling to find high-quality nutrition products that aligned with my goals, I embarked on a journey to create my own brand.

With painstaking research and development, crafted premium nutrition products made with only the finest ingredients to fuel your body, optimize performance, and enhance recovery."


Fitness and nutrition have always played a significant role in Matt’s life. However, he consistently faced dissatisfaction with the energy bars that he tried - be it the taste, the texture, or the recipe itself.

So he created ProGo out of his own frustration with the market.



Dedication to Healthy Living

Throughout my life, I have maintained a steadfast dedication to healthy living. From a young age, I recognized the importance of nourishing my body and embracing an active lifestyle. This unwavering commitment has shaped my journey, allowing me to share my passion for promoting well-being and inspiring others to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

JULY 2019

Frustration Sparks the Idea

Frustrated by the limited options available in the market, I began my quest to find a protein bar that would check all the boxes for a truly healthy and satisfying snack. Disappointed by the lack of options that met my standards for taste, nutrition, and quality ingredients, I was inspired to take matters into my own hands.


Formula Development Begins

I embarked on a personal journey to create the perfect protein bar formula. Countless hours were devoted to researching and experimenting with a wide array of ingredients, all in pursuit of finding the ideal balance of taste, texture, and nutritional value. This passion and dedication drove me to craft a protein bar that not only satisfies the palate, but also nourishes the body.


Breakthrough ingredient discovery

In my ingredient selection process, I meticulously explored various options to create a truly exceptional protein bar. After years of experimentation, I had a breakthrough discovering the perfect combination of ingredients that would set our protein bars apart, including natural peanut butter (for it's health benefits), delicious honey (for natural sweetness) and high quality isolate proteins that metabolize throughout the day.

JUNE 2022

Recipe Refinement and Taste Testing

I dedicated myself to refining the protein bar recipe based on valuable feedback from a team of taste testers. Conducting numerous taste testing sessions, I incorporated their suggestions and fine-tuned the formula to create a bar that not only delivers on nutrition but also excites the taste buds of potential customers.


Excitement Builds as Launch Date Approaches

With the product launch just weeks away, the excitement and anticipation in the team are palpable. We work tirelessly to finalize packaging designs, create marketing strategies, and ensure everything is in place for a successful launch.


THE Successful Product Launch

The big day has arrived! We officially launch our protein bars, and the response is overwhelmingly positive. Customers eagerly try our bars and provide rave reviews, confirming that our dedication to creating a top-quality product has paid off.


Spreading the Word: our Bars are in the market

We proudly unveil our bars to the world, making them readily available in the market. Health-conscious individuals and enthusiasts can finally experience the perfection of our protein bars. Through targeted marketing campaigns and strategic partnerships, we spread the word far and wide, letting everyone know that Progo bars are the epitome of taste, nutrition, and quality.


Engaging with Health Enthusiasts

We actively engage with health enthusiasts and create a sense of community. Through social media platforms, blog articles, and interactive campaigns, we foster a supportive and knowledgeable environment where individuals can share their fitness journeys, nutritional tips, and experiences with Progo bars. By nurturing this community, we tend to inspire and empower others to lead healthier lives.

MARCH 2023

Introducing THE Variety pack

The highly anticipated "Variety Pack" is ready to be delivered to our customers. We carefully pack each box, ensuring that it contains a selection of our delicious protein bar flavors. This offering allows customers to sample the different varieties, providing them with a taste of our commitment to both quality, and variety.


Supporting Community Health Initiatives

We actively participate in community health initiatives, partnering with local organizations to promote fitness, nutrition, and overall well-being. Through sponsorships, events, and educational programs, we contribute to the improvement of community health, further solidifying our commitment to making a positive impact.